Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

Shine Of Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar's century took not only their fans, 100ven but they are excited to brand such as Tendulkar. promotion of brands to launch new ad campaign by companies too.
Sachin Tendulkar adidas, Coca-Cola, boost, including ITC, reynolds, Aviva and Canon 17 brands promotion. Tendulkar for the celebration of the unique records to Coca-Cola India in Tendulkar's photo printed on your Cain and the details of the company's most spectacular centuries Tendulkar nine can also continue there.In the first week of April, adidas Tendulkar with a new marketing campaign to Sachin Tendulkar today of Dhaka of. Shere bungalow in Bangladesh in Asia Cup at the National Stadium against their much anticipated 100van century.

Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

Strong Memory

Winter season should do such things of the body to keep warm with our immune system strong this season, like the way.-health benefits of marebbe. it contains vitamins, calcium, fiber and minerals immune system from its abuse. strong.
Let us know the advantages of different moorabbin:
Carrot jam: carrot jam ' in the light of the eyes is jealous of its intake from the belly grows quiet. is the body iron.
Anvale from eating Marmalade Marmalade: anvale. body fitness still badhti memory. this body provides instant energy.
Papite papite Marmalade Marmalade: galata. paralysis and teeth to stones in diseases is also beneficial.
Apple jam: this body is to provide the energy drink has cooled from memory it mind badhti. headache also quite rewarding. also in controlling obesity.
Ginger Marmalade: the taste of the mouth it jam. asthmatic patients that to profit from it.
Almond jam: almond jam nuts to put in honey. it from illnesses like cough, cough disease. weakness too.
Palm Marmalade: the Jam also prevent diseases like asthma, dry coughs. Besides the Red particles in the blood.