Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Jokovich Became Champion

World number player novak jokovich last year continue their unforgettable performance of the season's first Grand Slam singles title of Australian Open Finals he won the second number is the lasting nearly six hours Rafael Nadal beat second consecutive and third overall title against the Marathon on the Germans.

After losing the first set 2-1 lead, but created jokovich Nadal winning the fourth set until the fifth set to compete. dragged 5-7 the last champion of Serbia, 6-4 by jokovich, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5 win in Grand Slam history. longest run was five hours, 53 minutes played finals. it is the third consecutive big title with 24 million dollar this. He three Grand Slam finals Nadal beat the fifth Grand Slam of his career. the name, including the Australian Open last year jokovich three of the four Grand Slam was his name.

Title battle combat in the first set of forks. the service for the first time after the breakdown in jokovich racket in anger after he was thrown on the field. in the second set win and fourth glorious return set point by winning the third set of the match equals.. fourth set he lead in the world rankings in the second, return and combat long returned to Nadal dragged three break point he eighth game scores saved. When 4-4 draw, rain stopping play to close the roof due to start the game again.. when Nadal has set

In the sixth game in a dramatic fifth set point break, Nadal. it seemed that Nadal's victory is certain but only the beginning of the ninth game of the return jokovich. can carry through the long rally at 31 he return in the 11th game of the service by jokovich. Nadal and break point in the area after her win. its shirt and players celebrated in front of the box and coach hugged the victory celebration. 10 Grand Slam win after Australian Open win of 2009 Nadal set was broken.

Before the longest Grand Slam finals was 1988 's us open and Ivan lendl played between wilander maits. he lasted four hours, 54 minutes. Australian Open match between Nadal and pharnado verdasco longest five hours was played by 14 minutes.

Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

Sex & the city

Hollywood's captivating us television show "sex actress found Cyrus and the city ' are visible.

According to reports, Sun Online, ' sex and the City 2 ' movie at 19-year-old singer has had a role that she said had the same name. become us television show love to do.

He said I like this show but I needn't have been so I just a few more mobilization say not, however, this program is bahutchachcha. would like.

' Gossip Girl ' producers Josh stiphni savge pointed out that the show serves and to get signed by Cyrus.

Senin, 16 Januari 2012

Government At Risk

Suprit Court contempt notice on Monday after Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza GILANI has offered to resign from my post., President Zardari after Geelani resigned from the desire to give. GILANI said that Parliament wants I will resign.
Significantly, the President Asif Ali Zardari of the Pakistan Supreme Court corruption case against reopening failing pm Yusuf Raza GILANI contempt notice against Monday. Court GILANI on January 19 in front of him to spot too.
Zardari and eight thousand more famous case of corruption against other people's Supreme Court orders reopening of the case relating to justice Nasir UL Mulk started hearing chaired by seven judges, the back of this command.
Bench GILANI court personally present and answering this question directed to that court orders contempt against them on to intentionally ignore why the proceedings.
Back said that Supreme Court corruption case in relation to reopen released orders several times to Government. Although the Government has these commands deliberately no steps.
The Government of the order of the Court and justice municipality of likely to create a new impasse at a time when the ruling Pakistan people's Party's secret memo on the case of dispute with. Supreme Court appointed by the Committee also is investigating the secret memo on the issue and it was hearing today that bentija.
The Supreme Court against Prime Minister by issuing the command before the Government's top law officer informed him that the corruption case to reopen command not found any guidelines.
Court President Zardari dhanshodhan case against alleged Swiss authorities to reopen the Government's responses on paper writing orders him not to rebuke you Attorney General alienware Haq.
The Attorney General has said he backs the Court's instructions about President, Prime Minister and other officials have reported but none of them are not directed back to the Attorney General on Haq said the Government rebuke. the case is discussed in.
Justice Nasir UL Mulk commented that the Attorney General of court orders is not only the President and the prime cause of corruption against Zardari to them again about the Swiss Government to open the write letters seeking instructions from pradhikaron.
Back to the Attorney General asked the Government to say something on this issue has also said that the Court is back in this case to continue. commands in the right direction just so that they are not because the Government is still considering.
The Court postponed the hearing nearly 12 hours, the right to take instructions from the Government Law Officer, said while the Supreme Court to implement his orders to ensure the High Court; back said such a step is not necessary at this time. retrial began on the back by a right to be informed that they have not met any instructions from the Government instead Contempt of court against the bench issued notices of GILANI.
Supreme Court of Pakistan people's Party-led Government in the case against Switzerland on the President to reopen. Court rejects amnesty in corruption cases that Zardari and eight thousand plus other people came in December 2009. Supreme Court says the advantage is that the former military ruler Pervez Musharraf was released in 2007 by Amnesty related Ordinance is illegal.
Despite pressure from the Court by the Government to reopen Zardari case against Swiss authorities refused to write the letter. Government says that the President has the constitutional exemption in respect of the prosecution were found.

Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Hard Round Country

Country is going through difficult times so Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Sunday.. He expressed concern "compared to 8.5 per cent economic growth a year earlier in March from 7 per cent in the current vittaiya year."
The tenth Prime Minister of the diaspora day in Jaipur, addressing the main guest Trinidad & Tobago were function to the Republic's Prime Minister Kamla Prasad bisesar, in the presence of diaspora addressed. 1900 said the Prime Minister that we all must face this challenge together, as well as expressing hope. worldwide despite the adverse environment at the end of March, the growth rate will improve to some extent.
He said with full confidence "in the coming years-9-10 per cent growth rate. our economic structure is strong enough and we empower our constitutional system. current challenges completely ready for the country's domestic savings rate. gross domestic product is between 35 per cent from 33 economies growth will help get the goals." Singh called the diaspora community that they are more active role in the creation of modern India, contribute.
Pranab expected down
-Obviously that Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on Saturday that vitta year 2011-12 growth of 7.5 per cent, but the Prime Minister and will be around down at around 7 per cent it ankate. and 7.3 per cent growth rate in the first half reached eroding. While a year ago in this period was 8.6 per cent.
New pension plan, life insurance fund
-Dr. Singh said the Government has to work abroad to Indians and life insurance pension scheme Fund has decided to set up this plan to allow workers abroad as well as to encourage and create secure ageing in return punasrthapna. He explained that NRI Affairs will help to implement the recommendations of the Committee by the Ministry of a task.
Migrants to franchise law
-Manmohan Singh said of his homeland of diaspora mobilization aimed at increasing the Central Government, many important steps in the elections at the national level are migrant Indians franchise has created the law.
In this regard, under the representation of the people-1950 by immigrant Indian voter notification list registration facility.
Citizenship Act Amendment
-The Prime Minister said Indian people and overseas Indians for Citizenship Act to incorporate the amendments proposed in Parliament a Bill has been submitted.
Bill plans to address the anomalies of kardadharkon overseas Indian as well as kardadharkon foreign wife and children also relief pahunchaega.
Indian community welfare fund
-Central NRI Affairs Minister varela Sun said his Ministry has decided to set up Indian community welfare fund is the Fund through other countries in crisis with the help of Indians are possible.
UAE government collaboration in worker reference center of abudhabi. through the work contracts of electronic verification, advisory services in addition to the accommodations for workers employed in difficult areas will be provided.
New identity
-Main guest Kamala Prasad bisesar said-' India diaspora, their knowledge, budghikaushal and the world community's well-being is not only spiritual thinking, but also displayed the world fastest growing economic power as well as his identity is created.
He said that his country's students study in world class Indian institutions, chatravrittittha universities level educational exchange plans has made these ties and pragadh.