Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

voilence against women

Egypt's opposition Muslim Brotherhood Organization, bypassing the stringent, conservative Muslim and Roman Catholic countries, liberal Western countries to prevent violence against women of the United Nations approved a plan. brotherhood said this plan is against Islamic principles.

Two weeks of tough negotiations and disputes after Friday night lasted between 130 countries plan to join in the consensus. the United Nations women's Committee head Michel battles by the scheme of historical pages. He says it plans to stop violence and eliminate vaishrivak fixed parameters; he said the atrocities against women and girls, the most serious case of human rights violations worldwide. Against it in the curve and we will not disappoint them.

The most powerful political group in Egypt on Wednesday as it came under the plan by the Organization of women's freedom brotherhood has been stoutly resisted keeping an amendment proposal was that every country has its own sovereignty and that these provisions in accordance with the rules of your country in your final draft, when countries could vote casts then supporters feared that Egypt will thereby opposed a consensus Will become part of the Egypt mervat tallavi on diplomatic agreement sitting in the Auditorium by all people surprised.

Bullshit can give resigns

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki moon, according to a statement issued by the United Nations women's Committee Chief Mitchell has decided to quit his battles. Moon spokesman said Friday that he wanted to leave his Office. former President of Chile according to shenhua bullshit first Secretary General of the United Nations and the General Assembly by July 2010 at the first United Nations women constituted Committee Executive Director born on 29 September 1951 in to Louie Santiago are bullshit balvisheshgya And civilian health. Iran Moon thanked them for the services of the bullshit.