Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

voilence against women

Egypt's opposition Muslim Brotherhood Organization, bypassing the stringent, conservative Muslim and Roman Catholic countries, liberal Western countries to prevent violence against women of the United Nations approved a plan. brotherhood said this plan is against Islamic principles.

Two weeks of tough negotiations and disputes after Friday night lasted between 130 countries plan to join in the consensus. the United Nations women's Committee head Michel battles by the scheme of historical pages. He says it plans to stop violence and eliminate vaishrivak fixed parameters; he said the atrocities against women and girls, the most serious case of human rights violations worldwide. Against it in the curve and we will not disappoint them.

The most powerful political group in Egypt on Wednesday as it came under the plan by the Organization of women's freedom brotherhood has been stoutly resisted keeping an amendment proposal was that every country has its own sovereignty and that these provisions in accordance with the rules of your country in your final draft, when countries could vote casts then supporters feared that Egypt will thereby opposed a consensus Will become part of the Egypt mervat tallavi on diplomatic agreement sitting in the Auditorium by all people surprised.

Bullshit can give resigns

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki moon, according to a statement issued by the United Nations women's Committee Chief Mitchell has decided to quit his battles. Moon spokesman said Friday that he wanted to leave his Office. former President of Chile according to shenhua bullshit first Secretary General of the United Nations and the General Assembly by July 2010 at the first United Nations women constituted Committee Executive Director born on 29 September 1951 in to Louie Santiago are bullshit balvisheshgya And civilian health. Iran Moon thanked them for the services of the bullshit.

Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Statement on Kohinoor Diamond

British Prime Minister David cameron have root in the Royal Crown from kohinoor diamond return flatly. 105-Carat kohinoor diamond NET her and that it would not return to another country.

You tell that kohinoor diamond is currently Britain's Queen's Crown is suit and look for people in the Tower of London. known that India had during the British rule when the diamond was taken to England from India.

On the last day of his trip to Britain's PM says that is not the right approach to solicit karahan diamond. Diamond demand Mahatma Gandhi's grandson has many times the British Government when kohinoor diamond was return related questions, he said that it the same way, as elgin marble. this correct answer then give the British the kalcharal ostentation. giving rise to further his point and that's where Until they believe that the ritarnijam (the return) do not believe in elgin marble classical Greek marble. significantly, that Greece was brought to England and back to Greece for years has been seeking this marble.

Significantly, the then Governor General, the kohinoor diamond in 1850 Queen Victoria was introduced in 1997 in front of India's independence anniversary of 50vin. When Queen Elizabeth II came to India, then return the kohinoor diamond was loudly demanding India arose.

Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

seventeen-year-old girlfriend

Spain's renowned painter Pablo Picasso's painting of seventeen-year-old girlfriend Tuesday night in sothbi nilamighar 2.86 million pound (around 2.3 billion rupees) artist sold.

Also in 1914 by the Austrian annexation artist igan shell lovers made painting titled record 80 million pound (about 65.5 million rupees) to work on paper records artist sold this auction. Picasso's painting his girlfriend Mary in 1932 to Walter theres. auction before its worth £ 3.5 million from 2.5 million pound was pegged between. the title of this pageant dedicated to Impressionist portrait and modernity fame asi fourteen (pre DoonWoman sitting near the window). Picasso's nude painting titled green & bust was the most expensive artwork is in year 2010 in this record 10.65 million dollars (around five billion rupees of flesh) was the artist sold Picasso blonde my outside Paris in 1927 from the subway station. at that time he was just 17 years later both in love.

I didn't know that the great painter Picasso., after four years of Picasso met his identity despite many married Picasso said. years stayed with me and I let go of the age of your relationship by hiding from the world. during this period, he made several of her beautiful painting at an auction on Tuesday of Spain. painter Joan miro's painting titled the fame revon levinas, a 75 million pound (Artist sold for almost 69.6 million rupees).

Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

The u.s. Department

The u.s. Department of Defense Pentagon has posted satellite into space from falling pieces of garbage are collected to an extremely expensive but effective recusal project. 44 million pound (around 100,000 bucks 96, 90) cost of the project will be a giant space NET falling from the satellites in your machine that will trap waste right now to deploy satellites all over the world despite it being in space race The e-waste is not a system of recusal.

The defence edvansad research wing (deeper) this project, not only will the pollution prevention in space but also the cost of us military operations of space to work for the Pentagon, this campaign will space grave rabri name. but like the name it is not a badniyat of the work posted in the old space and may have broken satellites. the recusal left their safe And expensive equipment used fresh in arlington of Virginia of the United States. this new idea proved very effective deeper.

New and old devices large and small satellites by adding new communication system will be rolled out under the scientific concept space. overall net feed falling or coming on satellites in addition to broken antenna or other useless kalpurjo satellites also give the body a new zero gravity force.

Hayward University astrophysicist Jonathan mcdowell said the biggest challenge in this project have the bad satellite antenna do it successfully without due to different new communication system or add small satellite. the Pentagon often unique views of agency deeper and deeper for Phoenix program. under electronic equipment will be deployed in space which whitbeck huge void are swimming in broken equipment In his will and have dragged the space satellites will also bookmark useful instruments.

Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

Flag Meeting

Flag after the meeting, major decision, India Pakistan senior citizen visa on arrival of banned.

It was expected that the first substantive border tension between India and Pakistan from the liberal visa agreement Tuesday. This two countries age 65 at the wagah border seniors exceeded the visa on arrival facility will provide 45 days of visa on the spot that made them. but at present India has refused to do so.

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde Pakistani counterpart Rehman Malik on December 14 with your agreement was set up formal seal on behalf of the Indian High Commission statement issued Monday., this feature just posted at wagah-Atari over 65 year of age check Pakistani passport holders to three instead of five that now. places of. as well as police reports to ten daily from four in the morning. Between the visa will be issued.

Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Kerala and them other restricted areas in the country would be allowed to go anywhere. However, in India to meet friends or relatives will only feature. businesses, medical, employment, pilgrimage or Conference, for any other purpose will not be released this specific visa visa on arrival for a hundred bucks or. two u.s. dollar spending. senior citizens for a copy of the national identity card, A certificate of residence, the location of their hotel and two photos, the host will tell the relative or friend's name.

Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012


New Delhi many years 21-12-12 became the second of the day panic name. Finally it proved that the whole world is on the impact of rumors we often illiterate people are superstitious, he will learn why that give you fear of these rumours, scientists searched for safe haven. yesterday ended up 5 thousand years old based on the same calendar the Maya Calendar by 21-12.-12 mahapralay of the feared.

This fear has increased sales of underground bunkers must replace a bunker. rose seller California a bunker Ron Hubbard says that plasma TV, sofa, dining space and bedroom equipped with these bunker about 25 million sold in RS. these bunkers of the atomic bomb and chemical weapons may not have the effect of, also made a bunker. Hubbard was created from the ground 20 feet below 500. Square feet of the bunker with his family three brinkley Hubbard day. they are also scientists, I sold the bunker.

America has too many places in China, not just the things for sahme collect emergency. It was people on shopping here also surpass.

Due to this rumor of ancient mahapralay civilization areas in which Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El slavador, due to the possibility of the end of the Earth grew huge timers.

According to media reports in the village of Alto in Brazil with the Holocaust of parayso overwhelmingly in the village said about time is that there are mysterious powers which are forward of the Holocaust years. on the other hand now come reports of the Holocaust on the Internet come in 2016.

Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

facebook profile for job

According to a recent research of a job interview will you call or not, it now depends on social netvarkig sites such as Facebook. provided a global security software company according to research now call upon the employers to a job interview before her on Facebook and other social netvarkig site profile and status check.

He pointed out that 90 per cent of HR (human resources department) officials looking for the appropriate employee or official social media prophailon that can be seen in public are up, according to business news daily online job. looking for too many profiles of people meet, take immediate right there a couple of times or aspnet interview. this research survey on us and UK 230 HR officers. in addition, 18 years of age 25 to 4,400 job looking for people involved in the survey.

Researchers found that in your social media profile the job candidate are so many photos to the prospect of being invited for interview by 84 per cent low. there, 95 per cent of HR executives believe that putting your profile pictures naked or rddhanagn not for the interview to call. also on your HR Officer profile or wall offensive behavior wrong on the negative. And assuming the worse porn comments to people who don't call for a job interview.

The bad things about the writing of the previous employer or even offensive statements about apartheid racial or edge. overall, job application for HR managers as 50 per cent up to 50 per cent of their candidacy of poor online profiles of AVG technologies ambassador dismissed. Tony anscombe said that because of the Internet and social netvarkig sites for the job has changed a lot in the selection process. Just Facebook not only HR Manager linkedin, Twitter, Google, philkar etc. and via instagram and are looking for suitable candidates.