Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Belly Dance

Belly dance to the tune of international musicians and also worked, and Turkish culture with different colors, JJ valaya wills India fashion week, designer of kangana ranaut on the occasion was the show stopper actress as ramp due opportunity even more interesting.
In addition to fashion, art, music and kangana entertainments of celebrities expected to ramp up in the valaya show.
Turkish culture theme music for the show held at the market, and was decorated with the colors as it shows only in Istanbul.
The only sentence in the middle of the ramp and made arches around the keys show jhumar valaya. the historical glimpse on the spot like a Royal present in all kangana herron.
Kangana said, spot come only once or twice a year. I think as much as I haien Bollywood do more fashion than linked to.

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