Kamis, 05 April 2012

Blood Money

Blood money as Kunal khemu in MIA uyeda and Amrita Puri with parallel lead look before he crisis city., just kill the dance item. There they small cameo role in Khan's thirty. of those of jubani uyeda
Negative roll love
I like the grey shade roll them every moment through the human being hugely. a different mood to show on the screen, never laugh someone. mad at UPS. you live in blood money to the many roles.. as I am in the role of Glam girl named RosaKunal khemu, hero of the film to its draw. using its beauty although intentional in real life is completely different from my personality.
Not afraid of struggle
A large number of Hindi film world, coming in balaen but I am not bothered me personally trust. acting is for I in Canada that has the modeling. a year modeling except acting class at the same time learning Hindi jain.. it was to be the item girl thankar here, create your identity. blood money balkiabhinay Director of the giant mahadkar and producer Mahesh Bhatt trust me To me that means staking. road is not difficult.
Shah Rukh and Aamir are favorite
Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan in the Hindi film world I. Shahrukh Khan of fan films I have seen of jugglers and fear I extremely like.. Aamir of gajni I awesome.

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