Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

The u.s. Department

The u.s. Department of Defense Pentagon has posted satellite into space from falling pieces of garbage are collected to an extremely expensive but effective recusal project. 44 million pound (around 100,000 bucks 96, 90) cost of the project will be a giant space NET falling from the satellites in your machine that will trap waste right now to deploy satellites all over the world despite it being in space race The e-waste is not a system of recusal.

The defence edvansad research wing (deeper) this project, not only will the pollution prevention in space but also the cost of us military operations of space to work for the Pentagon, this campaign will space grave rabri name. but like the name it is not a badniyat of the work posted in the old space and may have broken satellites. the recusal left their safe And expensive equipment used fresh in arlington of Virginia of the United States. this new idea proved very effective deeper.

New and old devices large and small satellites by adding new communication system will be rolled out under the scientific concept space. overall net feed falling or coming on satellites in addition to broken antenna or other useless kalpurjo satellites also give the body a new zero gravity force.

Hayward University astrophysicist Jonathan mcdowell said the biggest challenge in this project have the bad satellite antenna do it successfully without due to different new communication system or add small satellite. the Pentagon often unique views of agency deeper and deeper for Phoenix program. under electronic equipment will be deployed in space which whitbeck huge void are swimming in broken equipment In his will and have dragged the space satellites will also bookmark useful instruments.

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