Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Statement on Kohinoor Diamond

British Prime Minister David cameron have root in the Royal Crown from kohinoor diamond return flatly. 105-Carat kohinoor diamond NET her and that it would not return to another country.

You tell that kohinoor diamond is currently Britain's Queen's Crown is suit and look for people in the Tower of London. known that India had during the British rule when the diamond was taken to England from India.

On the last day of his trip to Britain's PM says that is not the right approach to solicit karahan diamond. Diamond demand Mahatma Gandhi's grandson has many times the British Government when kohinoor diamond was return related questions, he said that it the same way, as elgin marble. this correct answer then give the British the kalcharal ostentation. giving rise to further his point and that's where Until they believe that the ritarnijam (the return) do not believe in elgin marble classical Greek marble. significantly, that Greece was brought to England and back to Greece for years has been seeking this marble.

Significantly, the then Governor General, the kohinoor diamond in 1850 Queen Victoria was introduced in 1997 in front of India's independence anniversary of 50vin. When Queen Elizabeth II came to India, then return the kohinoor diamond was loudly demanding India arose.

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