Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Hard Round Country

Country is going through difficult times so Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Sunday.. He expressed concern "compared to 8.5 per cent economic growth a year earlier in March from 7 per cent in the current vittaiya year."
The tenth Prime Minister of the diaspora day in Jaipur, addressing the main guest Trinidad & Tobago were function to the Republic's Prime Minister Kamla Prasad bisesar, in the presence of diaspora addressed. 1900 said the Prime Minister that we all must face this challenge together, as well as expressing hope. worldwide despite the adverse environment at the end of March, the growth rate will improve to some extent.
He said with full confidence "in the coming years-9-10 per cent growth rate. our economic structure is strong enough and we empower our constitutional system. current challenges completely ready for the country's domestic savings rate. gross domestic product is between 35 per cent from 33 economies growth will help get the goals." Singh called the diaspora community that they are more active role in the creation of modern India, contribute.
Pranab expected down
-Obviously that Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on Saturday that vitta year 2011-12 growth of 7.5 per cent, but the Prime Minister and will be around down at around 7 per cent it ankate. and 7.3 per cent growth rate in the first half reached eroding. While a year ago in this period was 8.6 per cent.
New pension plan, life insurance fund
-Dr. Singh said the Government has to work abroad to Indians and life insurance pension scheme Fund has decided to set up this plan to allow workers abroad as well as to encourage and create secure ageing in return punasrthapna. He explained that NRI Affairs will help to implement the recommendations of the Committee by the Ministry of a task.
Migrants to franchise law
-Manmohan Singh said of his homeland of diaspora mobilization aimed at increasing the Central Government, many important steps in the elections at the national level are migrant Indians franchise has created the law.
In this regard, under the representation of the people-1950 by immigrant Indian voter notification list registration facility.
Citizenship Act Amendment
-The Prime Minister said Indian people and overseas Indians for Citizenship Act to incorporate the amendments proposed in Parliament a Bill has been submitted.
Bill plans to address the anomalies of kardadharkon overseas Indian as well as kardadharkon foreign wife and children also relief pahunchaega.
Indian community welfare fund
-Central NRI Affairs Minister varela Sun said his Ministry has decided to set up Indian community welfare fund is the Fund through other countries in crisis with the help of Indians are possible.
UAE government collaboration in worker reference center of abudhabi. through the work contracts of electronic verification, advisory services in addition to the accommodations for workers employed in difficult areas will be provided.
New identity
-Main guest Kamala Prasad bisesar said-' India diaspora, their knowledge, budghikaushal and the world community's well-being is not only spiritual thinking, but also displayed the world fastest growing economic power as well as his identity is created.
He said that his country's students study in world class Indian institutions, chatravrittittha universities level educational exchange plans has made these ties and pragadh.

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