Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Jokovich Became Champion

World number player novak jokovich last year continue their unforgettable performance of the season's first Grand Slam singles title of Australian Open Finals he won the second number is the lasting nearly six hours Rafael Nadal beat second consecutive and third overall title against the Marathon on the Germans.

After losing the first set 2-1 lead, but created jokovich Nadal winning the fourth set until the fifth set to compete. dragged 5-7 the last champion of Serbia, 6-4 by jokovich, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5 win in Grand Slam history. longest run was five hours, 53 minutes played finals. it is the third consecutive big title with 24 million dollar this. He three Grand Slam finals Nadal beat the fifth Grand Slam of his career. the name, including the Australian Open last year jokovich three of the four Grand Slam was his name.

Title battle combat in the first set of forks. the service for the first time after the breakdown in jokovich racket in anger after he was thrown on the field. in the second set win and fourth glorious return set point by winning the third set of the match equals.. fourth set he lead in the world rankings in the second, return and combat long returned to Nadal dragged three break point he eighth game scores saved. When 4-4 draw, rain stopping play to close the roof due to start the game again.. when Nadal has set

In the sixth game in a dramatic fifth set point break, Nadal. it seemed that Nadal's victory is certain but only the beginning of the ninth game of the return jokovich. can carry through the long rally at 31 he return in the 11th game of the service by jokovich. Nadal and break point in the area after her win. its shirt and players celebrated in front of the box and coach hugged the victory celebration. 10 Grand Slam win after Australian Open win of 2009 Nadal set was broken.

Before the longest Grand Slam finals was 1988 's us open and Ivan lendl played between wilander maits. he lasted four hours, 54 minutes. Australian Open match between Nadal and pharnado verdasco longest five hours was played by 14 minutes.

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