Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Bricks Countries

The g-20 Summit participating countries in overcoming the financial crisis bricks for $ 456 billion in additional International Monetary Fund IMF deposited promises. in this regard, some countries including India promised funding.

The g-20 Summit in bricks of all countries are participating, India and Brazil, Russia promise. the ten-ten billion dollars promised $ 43 billion and China is that South Africa has pledged 2 billion dollars deposited.

Monday at a meeting of the countries stated that bricks as soon as the IMF's organizational reform in the IMF extra funds will be deposited bricks country. a statement by the International Monetary Fund on Monday was released which stated that 12 countries had deposited $ 460 billion in IMF promises only 430 billion dollars in April while akda. EuropeThe main donor country, Japan and bricks are country funds to prevent the financial crisis from spreading further to be used in additional deposit by IMF America deny.

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