Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

Rover spacecraft

The American space agency NASA has released a giant picture of Mars it 360 degrees pictures from Mars Rover spacecraft crews engaged in aparchuniti has been fixed.

Aparchuniti was one of the two antarikshyanon that in 2003 was sent to Mars mission. mission three months was expected to be completed by 2010 of the Assistant spirit. aparchuniti Yan itself stopped working, but aparchuniti still working on Mars last week it is done 3000van day. last week the Mars NASA's robot appearance 15 years completed ., 1997 Pathfinder landed on Mars orbiter four July. this opportunity to commemorate the red planet, NASA scientists released latest photos. issued by NASA in Mars dust filled the vast outer surface of scenes shown in the Rover here four months last winter. spent the major scientist Jim Bell. Mission says the images important geologic reference .

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