Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012


New Delhi many years 21-12-12 became the second of the day panic name. Finally it proved that the whole world is on the impact of rumors we often illiterate people are superstitious, he will learn why that give you fear of these rumours, scientists searched for safe haven. yesterday ended up 5 thousand years old based on the same calendar the Maya Calendar by 21-12.-12 mahapralay of the feared.

This fear has increased sales of underground bunkers must replace a bunker. rose seller California a bunker Ron Hubbard says that plasma TV, sofa, dining space and bedroom equipped with these bunker about 25 million sold in RS. these bunkers of the atomic bomb and chemical weapons may not have the effect of, also made a bunker. Hubbard was created from the ground 20 feet below 500. Square feet of the bunker with his family three brinkley Hubbard day. they are also scientists, I sold the bunker.

America has too many places in China, not just the things for sahme collect emergency. It was people on shopping here also surpass.

Due to this rumor of ancient mahapralay civilization areas in which Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El slavador, due to the possibility of the end of the Earth grew huge timers.

According to media reports in the village of Alto in Brazil with the Holocaust of parayso overwhelmingly in the village said about time is that there are mysterious powers which are forward of the Holocaust years. on the other hand now come reports of the Holocaust on the Internet come in 2016.

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