Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

facebook profile for job

According to a recent research of a job interview will you call or not, it now depends on social netvarkig sites such as Facebook. provided a global security software company according to research now call upon the employers to a job interview before her on Facebook and other social netvarkig site profile and status check.

He pointed out that 90 per cent of HR (human resources department) officials looking for the appropriate employee or official social media prophailon that can be seen in public are up, according to business news daily online job. looking for too many profiles of people meet, take immediate right there a couple of times or aspnet interview. this research survey on us and UK 230 HR officers. in addition, 18 years of age 25 to 4,400 job looking for people involved in the survey.

Researchers found that in your social media profile the job candidate are so many photos to the prospect of being invited for interview by 84 per cent low. there, 95 per cent of HR executives believe that putting your profile pictures naked or rddhanagn not for the interview to call. also on your HR Officer profile or wall offensive behavior wrong on the negative. And assuming the worse porn comments to people who don't call for a job interview.

The bad things about the writing of the previous employer or even offensive statements about apartheid racial or edge. overall, job application for HR managers as 50 per cent up to 50 per cent of their candidacy of poor online profiles of AVG technologies ambassador dismissed. Tony anscombe said that because of the Internet and social netvarkig sites for the job has changed a lot in the selection process. Just Facebook not only HR Manager linkedin, Twitter, Google, philkar etc. and via instagram and are looking for suitable candidates.

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