Rabu, 26 September 2012

Romance of Politicians

So funny relationship here, on the moment, as well as go ...

There is a story from every State leaders by Benazir's sahbajade Clinton. Bilawal your love won't hide.

Power with the fad hanak or willingness to indulge vasnaon to premlilaon of certain personalities that is present on our report-

-The color of henna on Bilawal

-Phijaon of Pakistan in Hina and Bilawal's affair with enough tales of spices are flying in the run-up to a weekly news of bagladesh. that of the Love Hina and Bilawal has climbed substantially and have determined to make both marriage. Hina so Bilawal your married life to mind.

-Monica levinsaki and Clinton raslila

U.s. former President Bill Clinton also stories about Clinton's less chatpate. it is said that they were many girls make sex relationship intern Monica Lewinsky in the President's residence. with tales of their intimate relationships, are quite famous.

-Dictator Gaddafi was hungry of jism

Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi as the servant of a dictator, Gaddafi also addicted to sex. year 2008, Gaddafi in British trade Ambassador Prince Andrew met with some of the four women were concerned with before ghaton. Faisal says these women no one else but Gaddafi's biodegrade.

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