Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

Modern Women

While trying to balance your figure in modern women don't always want your children to milk that Britain and the United States may sell their milk money mammiyan. this job they social networking site Facebook and Community Forum help.

Mother's milk is the best food for the baby. on women who would not give their milk to your baby if mother's milk is readily available, they are more confident of the powder milk this milk demand.

According to the daily mail, said a similar site, mother's milk buying or selling is done through clear and quite private so that it is held according to the demand of women donors. fresh milk supplies.

According to the site there are milk bank in milking and both take a proper method, which mothers cannot feed your child a reason their milk to the store here and pashchyuraijd.

But there is a flip side where children's health practitioners about such milk and your perspective is presented by social networking by German physicians. milk not instruct to give. Professional Association of pediatrician Chairman wolfram hartman has doubts on donors agree that they suffer from diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis in children's to this milk can be dangerous as well. He said that such children cannot feed your maen who are finding that their social networking do not purchase another breast milk powder milk, rely on.

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