Jumat, 23 November 2012


And the world of giant retail company valmart bodice-inseparable. in this order set foot for the first time in India's retail business plans of the phansati a new look here valmart. the American company has five employees to India her saying is that they dismissed the Interior generally are bribing case. foreign direct investment in maltibrand retail [FDI] decisions Opposing political parties have found another weapon to attack.

The joint venture with Bharti Group valmart under engage in wholesale business [cash & carry]. sources, just check the internal process. in the coming days and fall on the staff was vulnerable. check it make the company internationally. nismen Mexico, India, China, including many countries examined the operation of valmart. the moment the investigation process by Bharti and valmart The new cash & carry stores the completed plan to break open.

Oppose the entry of FDI retail is the main opposition parties have said that in the case of extremely serious internal valmart venality and BJP Rajya Sabha Deputy and objectionable. Chief spokesman Ravi Shankar says the Government taking cognisance of this whole issue should automatically check the apply for this event indicates what company in the future. this issue CPM MP basudev Acharya said"We will take it to Parliament that the Government was still cautious with. his judgment should think about.

As it has so far opened wholesale stores valmart 18. it other than 200 retail stores of Bharti Group retail and wholesale traders also supplies all products. in South India by rapidly expanding now to the company strategy, but now it may delay implementation.

On behalf of the Government of the country in September, 2012 maltibrand in the retail business to foreign companies after walmart allow declare by the end of the year was the first store in India open 2013. the decision of the Government's heavy political opposition in the winter session of Parliament is also taking it. huge ruckus.

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